F.B.eye is proud to say that our range of products surpasses over 45 different types of lenses.

These range from plastic, glass and polycarbonate in both finished and semi finished form.

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Our strategy is to lead global markets for ophthalmic lenses made by leading companies and demonstrate proven economic value. Establishing a leading position in the relevant markets, while introducing administrative and professional alternatives to entities currently active in these markets.

The following five elements of our Strategic Plan will unleash the full power
of our Company.

Prepare people and place them in strategic positions to inspire
others and deliver results.

Optimize the Company for greater efficiency and effectiveness
by restructuring our business model.

Win global market share by developing and acquiring
high-impact growth products.

Expand our global sales and marketing focus with critical new capabilities and
people so we can better execute our sales activities.

Realign our business portfolio to improve leverage and accelerate
profitable growth.

Our Advantage

Product quality and reliability

Flexibility and promptitude in production and supply

Technological advantage in production

Attractive prices

Qualified, experienced marketing team

Customer relations and marketing support team

Highly reputed company