F.B.eye is proud to say that our range of products surpasses over 45 different types of lenses.

These range from plastic, glass and polycarbonate in both finished and semi finished form.

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F.B.eye Management team

Yair Barber


Yair Barber is CO-CEO and Founder of F.B.Eye optical solutions.
Before becoming CEO, Yair was vice president of Sagam optical Group and V.P of Halperin Brothers optical chain. Over the last 12 years Leading the business marketing and development of the companies over the last years including locating new markets, checking for new markets potential and leading to the company’s growth and success.

Amit Foox


Before becoming CEO, Amit was the Director of Sales for the European market and the Israeli market in a medical device company. Handle all process sales and marketing including negotiation and closing contracts. Managing agents and distributors. Building and leading marketing strategy. Training physicians and distributors on a variety of products. Business Development Manager including finding new distributors. Responsible for the development of new products.
Amit holds an M.B.A. in Business Administration and an B.A from Bar Ilan University in Israel.